Improving your gut health is one of the main approaches to restoring your health

  • Do you have digestive problems (SIBO, IBS, GERD, celiac, inflammatory bowel diseases, bloating, chronic diarrhea, and/or constipation)?
  • Do you feel fatigued or have chronic pain?
  • Do you struggle with weight loss and feel frustrated with the advice to eat less and exercise more?
  • Do you have brain fog or poor memory?

  • Do you experience anxiety, depression, and sleeping problems?
  • Do you have hormonal imbalances?
  • Do you have metabolic disorders (prediabetes, hypercholesteremia, or hypertension)?
  • Do you feel you’re doing the “right” thing but still don’t feel well?

Then, you have come to the right place!

  • Providing a holistic, individualized, and comprehensive nutrition plan;
  • Helping you deal with the many barriers to change while seeking optimal health;
  • Removing nutrition confusion; and
  • Most importantly, helping you feel like yourself again!

Our approach:

Optimal health is an individual journey that requires exploration, experimentation, and commitment.


We dig deep into the root causes of your condition and symptoms.


Health conditions are likely not caused by a single trigger and usually develop over years. Therefore, targeting those causes requires experimenting to determine which interventions work for you. There is no one-size-fits-all plan. Our goal is to create and adjust your individualized plan based on your experience and lifestyle while continually supporting your healing journey.


Reap what you sow and enjoy optimal health. A healthy lifestyle has become an integral part of your life. You are naturally committed to feeling good.

What is integrative and functional nutrition?

Integrative and functional nutrition is a systematic approach to evaluating several factors that can promote either health or disease. We use it to look beyond a diagnosis by seeking to understand the root causes of imbalances in the body that influence one’s well-being. This approach uses a comprehensive nutrition assessment to address the whole person and evaluate the interactions among genetics, food, environment, and lifestyle factors. Integrative and functional nutrition integrates a holistic, personalized approach to health and healing, including whole foods, tailored supplements, and mind–body modalities.


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