Nutrition Counseling and Coaching

We offer virtual sessions. Sessions are held via a secure web-based video conferencing/virtual platform. Telehealth allows for more flexibility and convenience.

Initial Comprehensive Consultation 60-75 minutes

Prior to the initial appointment, you will be asked to complete a take-in form for me to go through ahead of time. This gives me an opportunity to familiarize myself with your case and concerns and understand your health and lifestyle history before your initial appointment. During the session, I will get a clear and in-depth understanding of areas of you concerns and goals, and we will both discuss testing (optional) and intervention options. We will work together to create a plan that fits into your lifestyle, accommodating food allergies and intolerances, cultural meals, and food preferences. You will leave with specific goals and guidelines to begin implementing for effective change until the next visit.

After your initial visit, you will have access to a client portal where you will be able to message me your questions and concerns and receive my response. There is no limit to the number of questions you may ask. This method will keep us in touch between appointments and ensure that you are in control of your plan. Your questions and concerns are very important to me.

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Follow-up appointment 45 minutes

During follow-up visit, we review lab results and prior goals, reassess progress, identify obstacles, and accordingly make adjustment to the nutrition plan and/or modification to supplements. Follow-up visits are key to help you stay on track and ensure that I can modify the plan as appropriate for you. The number of follow-ups depends on your unique situation – everyone is different. I am committed to partnering with you as far as you would like to go on your health journey.


We accept payment by flex spending accounts (i.e. HSA, FSA) and all major credit cards. We can also provide super bills after appointments, for reimbursement requests to your insurance company.

Cancellation policy

Please be aware that our cancellation policy is 48 hours. If appointments are not cancelled 48 hours ahead of time, clients will be subject to full session charge.

Lateness policy

If clients are late to appointments the appointment will run the duration of the scheduled appointment minus the amount of time that the client is late.

Refund policies

We do not offer refunds for any of our services or subscription plan.

Client forms

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