What our clients say

These testimonials are from satisfied clients, written in their own words.

Names have been omitted due to HIPPA confidentiality laws.

I had digestive issues and other related problems for many years. I was lucky to have met Roula Omary who listened carefully and asked detailed questions. She was able to put her finger on what caused my digestive problems as well as my foggy brain. she was able to tailor a plan to help me change my eating habit. The new eating habit became my lifestyle. It solved my digestive issues, bloating, and skin issues. Roula is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to helping others achieve their health goals as she understands individuals’ needs.


As a diabetic, it is very important that I maintain a good and balanced diet. Before visiting Roula, I was very lost and was not able to maintain good nutrition or lowering my A1c. Since meeting with Roula, I Have learned so much. She is very knowledgeable. She taught me how to count carbohydrates in my diet, choose the right type of carbohydrates, plan a nutritious meals, and also took me in a grocery educational tour. She also helped me with my H. Pylori problem. I am feeling so much better and in control. I am able to calculate and measure my food properly. I am so thankful to her.


I have been struggling with a variety of health issues for year, including chronic headaches, constipation, and Hashimoto's. I had seen multiple doctors and specialists, but had not found any relief. That was until I met Roula. From the moment I met her, I knew she truly cared about my wellbeing and was willing to help me get to the root cause of my health issues. She took the time to thoroughly asses my dietary and lifestyle habits, and thus able to suggest some lab tests to confirm the potential causes of my problems. Roula was able to create a personalized nutrition plan and detoxification protocol that addressed my gut issues, including parasites and candida. She succeeded with relieving most of my symptoms. Through her guidance, prompt reply to my messages and questions, and continuous support, I no longer have migraines or chronic constipation. I also passed a one foot long parasite. Nevertheless, my Hashimoto's tremendously improved, and I no longer get frequently sick as I used to. I am grateful for the knowledge and care that Roula offered. I truly believe she was instrumental in helping me regain my health. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a professional and compassionate nutritionist.


Having bariatric surgery left me with indigestion, bloating, fatigue, disturbed sleep, and sugar cravings. My weight also plateaued. I consulted Roula to help me overcome my messed up health and reach my goal weight. Roula was so thorough in her assessment. She was able to find out what food triggered my gut symptoms and suggested some dietary changes and supplements to help me digesting fat, which was the cause of my bloating and cramps. Roula helped me resolve my nutrients deficiencies resulted from the surgery through diet and supplements. I lost 15 more pounds and I no longer crave sugar as much. Roula is very professional and passionate about what she does. She goes above and beyond to help her clients reaching their goals and feel themselves again.